SMS can benefit whom?

FUTURE INFOTECH is the best platform for SMS Advertising in India, because of the following reasons:
  • SMS advertising is timely - deliver at the exact time your advertisement will have most impact.
  • Target audience can be achieved very fast, as the medium is mobile.
  • SMS advertising is cost effective.
  • SMS is personal - most messages are read as soon as they are received.
  • SMS advertising response rates outstrip all other forms of advertising.
  • It's relatively cheaper than other mediums like print and broadcast.

Solutions for your industry

(Learn how companies in your industry are effectively using a messaging solution.)

What ever your industry, FUTURE INFOTECH messaging solutions can help you do business smarter and faster – not only controlling costs but driving more revenue too. Messaging solutions can be used to communicate with customers and employees and can be automated to send alerts to avoid any potential disaster.
What are the top reasons your company should implement a mobile messaging solution?

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. High reach
  3. High response rates
  4. Immediacy
  5. Use your Product / Brand Name as Sender ID.
  6. Time Saving Communication
  7. Most effective communication compared to phone call, email and fax.
Where can you use SMS ?

………………..uses is unlimited
Take a look at how companies in your industry are successfully utilizing FUTURE INFOTECH messaging solution to enhance their business performance.
  1. Banks / Insurance / Finance companies.
  2. Auto Mobile Dealer.
  3. Educationl & Corporate Institutional.
  4. Consultancy Services.
  5. Airlines/Railways.
  6. SMS Resellers.
  7. Software companies.
  8. MLM Companies
  9. Mineral water / Gas distribution agencies.
  10. Agriculture
  11. RTO / Police
  12. Postal
  13. Tax Authorities
  14. Excercise / Customs
  15. Electricity / Water Authority
  16. Courts
  17. PF / Pension departments
  18. TV / Radio stations
  19. Election commission
  20. Bulk sms companies
  21. Passport offices
  22. Standard institute offices
  23. SMS gateway
  24. Government departments
  25. Securities / Stock brokers
  26. Directory services
  27. Clearence
  28. Construction
  29. Software companies
  30. Hospitals
  31. Blood banks
  32. Free sms websites
  33. Couriers
  34. Advertising / marketing
  35. SMS software
  36. Content Providers
……………..the list is endless
SERVICE MESSAGE: Your Ac xxxxxxx1234 is debited INR 5,000.00 on 01 Jan.
Info: ATM*CASH WDL* 01-01-2009*. Total Avbl. Bal is INR 1,23,456.23.
Finance / Insurance Solutions
(Driving security in the banking, financial & insurance services sector.)
The uptake of online Banking, Internet based payments and transactions have been growing at unprecedented rates. Banking clients from all walks of life are now becoming more comfortable with using technology to perform their banking, payment and investment functions. Increased mobility and the proliferation of mobile and IP based devices have given financial institutions a fast, secure and reliable communications channel to provide financial information to their customer's devices.

Start benefiting immediately from:

  • Account notifications - balance updates, mini statement, payment reminders etc.
  • Insurance premium reminder.

"FUTURE INFOTECH  has the solution: the shortest distance between a school and a parent/guardian is through the cell phone."

SMS for Educational Institutions
(Connect with students, teachers, committee members and parents instantly.)

SMS text messaging provides a simple, reliable way of delivering a number of notifications such as Examination Timetables & Results, Teacher-Parent Communications and Student Reminders & Alerts.
For educational institutions who constantly suffer from budgetary constraints SMS helps save precious resources. No more stacks of paper lost in the bottom of backpacks or beneath leaf piles on the playground. No high set-up costs or installations of new technology. No more consuming precious administrative or parent volunteer energies.

Top Ten Uses of SMS in Schools and Universities

  • Emergency Student / Faculty / Parent Notifications.
  • Exam Time Tables and Results via Text Message.
  • SMS Class Schedules.
  • Admission Test Results via Text Message.
  • Absenteeism Alerts via SMS.
  • Interdepartmental Notifications.
  • SMS Student Reminders and Alerts.
  • Progress Reports via Text Message.
  • SMS Community Notifications.
  • Teacher-Parent Communications.
Read more......

DELIVERY MESSAGE: Parcel #JP 0339 reached its LA destination @ 10:54pm. Please send invoice to XL Construction Inc for payment. 01-01-2009.

Travel / Hospitality Solutions
(Messaging alerts for travel / hospitality and logistics enterprises.)
Travel is one of the biggest industries worldwide. FUTURE INFOTECH has created a customized messaging solution for this industry addressing the unique needs of airlines, hotels and hospitality businesses as well as transportation and delivery services.
Airline solutions include:

  • Flight cancellation and flight delay notifications.
  • Itinerary changes.
  • Gate changes.
  • Departure reminders.
  • General information services e.g. weather alerts or travel advisories.
Transportation and shipping solutions include:

  • Pickup and re-routing alerts for delivery trucks and field service employees.
  • Delivery time notification.
  • Status report.
  • Change notifications for recipients.
  • Both consumers and businesses.

Dear Sir/Mam Your Veichel reported for service will be ready by 5 P.M. today. Estimate Cost is Rs. 500/- (App.) for further assistance call 99999-12345 - XYZ Motors.

Automobile Dealer Solutions
(Messaging alerts for Automobile Coustomer.)
Automobile is one of the biggest industries worldwide. FUTURE INFOTECH has created a customized messaging solution for this industry addressing the unique needs of Automobiles Dealer.
Automobile Dealer solutions include:
  • Welcome Messaging Purchase New vehicle.
  • Service Due Reminder.
  • Special Service Camp Notification.
Stock Brokers and Financial Firms
Stock Brokers and financial firms, can update their clients on the latest market fluctuations, and suggest investment options and strategies. Investors and traders can be informed about a fresh corporate performance or any other event likely to affect their decision about a buy/sell of a particular stock. It is very effective and investors can also get in touch with the brokerage houses fast.
Literary Stores
FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM is an invaluable application for literary stores which helps them in their marketing activities. They can inform clients about new-arrivals, subscription renewals, intimate customers on arrival or availability of a requested volume, promotional seminars and events etc. A literary store can provide an advance booking service before the launch of a particular title by using the receive WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM feature.
Blood Banks/Clinics
FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM can be effectively used by Blood Banks for reaching out to donors. Using their existing database of donors, they can contact a large number of them cheaply, in case of emergencies and seek immediate assistance. It can also be used for communicating to donors about Blood Donation Camps and other Health related programs. Clinics can use FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM for sending reminders to patients by text messaging for doctor appointments.
Tours and Travels
Tours and Travels can send everything from quotes and confirmations to alerts about travel delays. It will greatly help in reducing costs and increasing revenues. Travel companies can keep things simple and yet provide the most valued mobile services. FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM Scan be used to deepen brand and product awareness in an increasingly competitive travel market. Customers can actively save quote or booking information, share travel information, receive rich alerts about delays or special offers, and keep travel plans easily accessible on their mobiles.
Health Clubs/Fitness Centres
Health and Fitness Centres are the norm of the day and they can use FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM for launching advertising campaigns that inform people about various schemes, offers, special discounts etc. They can also remind members about appointments for medical check-ups, massages, membership expiry dates etc and send them regular fitness tips. FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM will hugely help gymnasiums and fitness centres to propagate the value added services that they have to offer and benefits that citizens will derive.
Welfare Associations/Communities/Rotary Clubs
FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM will help Welfare Associations like CRY, Make-a-wish foundation, PETA etc. to create more awareness about their campaigns and programmes amongst the general public. They can use this medium of communication to inform members/public about their activities and events without spending huge amounts of money on advertisements. Organisations can also solicit monetary help, if required by launching WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM campaigns. They can solicit advice to teenagers on sexual health, drugs, alcohol etc. FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM , in its own way will add value to life and contribute to social welfare.
Religious Communities can use FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM to update their members and the general public about various programs and initiatives undertaken by them for the welfare of the society. They can inform members about events, lectures and gatherings thereby securing a larger attendance of people who wish to attend these programmes and events. They can reach out to their members who are spread across the globe in a cost effective way by using FUTURE INFOECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM . At times of distress or communal tension, FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM can be used to send out messages for peace and harmony. It can also be used for soliciting monetary or any other help.
Restaurants/Pubs and Disco's
FUTURE INFOTECH WEB BASED SMS SYSTEM can help restaurants, pubs and discos to inform their clientele about events like special promotional nights, theme nights, buffets etc., in a cost effective manner. Hotels can send information about rooms or table reservations or any other PR related messages on special occasions to their clients. Pubs and Discos can inform members about a special DJ night, musical band or a stage show, to attract clients.
Call Centers and Help Desks
Customer satisfaction surveys, automatic bookings and confirmations, issuing customers a tracking ID, notifying repair or installation status
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